Letter to the Editor: Parking problems in Downey

Dear Editor:

I would like to speak to the parking problem in Downey.

Why does it take four hours for street sweeping when the entire block can be swept in less than 1 minute? If you can't sweep the street in less than an hour, than you can't handle the job.

On my street (Alameda) we have street sweeping on one side of the street the same day we have trash day on the other, creating a parking problem. I believe the reason for the four hours is so they can write more parking tickets. Oh, and by the way, I have witnessed the street sweeper operator talking on his cell phone while driving. 

I recently parked in the public parking lot located on the corner of 2nd and La Reina. Each month when I pay my insurance at AAA, and do my banking, I park in this parking lot between the AAA and Bank of America. When I pull into my parking place, I see two signs: City of Downey Public Parking, and 2 hour public parking.

After running my errands, I returned to my vehicle to find a parking ticket on my windshield. Only then did I notice a sign a sign located directly behind and across from where I parked indicating "permit parking only." But wait, I thought, this is a public parking lot! When did this start? I have been parking in this lot for years. I never received any public notice of any changes.

If this is the case, the city needs to take down the sign at the entrance to the parking lot that says "Public Parking" and replace it with one that says "LIMITED Public Parking." Public parking is not permit parking.

In all honesty, the sign should read "Parking Scam, Beward of Fraud." Shame on you, this is Downey. We're better than that.

Kevin Morris