Letter to the Editor: Plan ahead for Ride and Stride

Dear Editor:

May 7, 2017 is Downey's Ride and Stride, be prepared for street closures, so plan ahead. I only mention it because of last year's Ride and Stride; Downey residents were writing in the editorial page about how the event inconvenience them, despite the fact that it was advertised way in advance.

I received my water bill in the mail last week, and guess what, there was a pamphlet that was advertising the Ride and Stride that showed the street closures (and other information), a month before it happens. Residents have no excuse to complain about the street closures and how it inconvenienced them; I'll say it again, plan ahead.

I live on a street that will be closed, and my street does not have driveways, so we must park on the street; I already planned ahead of where I will be parking my car for the day (since I cannot have my car parked on the street). If I can deal with it without complaining, so can everyone else.

As for the event itself, I enjoyed the Ride and Stride last year, walking around the city and seeing the events going on, the food trucks and the booths. It's was fun to see other residents out there, walking, jogging, biking, rollerblading and skateboarding. 

I am glad Downey has decided to have the event again this year and I look forward to it.

Guillermo Vazquez