Letter to the Editor: Police officers innocent until proven guilty

Dear Editor: 

How very sad that another video gone viral has again caused great lawlessness in our country. 

From the video, many were quick to blame the officer for the shooting in St. Paul, and this may be the case, however, we have not heard the officer's side of the story. Before he was allowed to give an explanation, he has been "hung over a tree." In our country, I was under the assumption that we're innocent until proven guilty. 

As in Ferguson and other shootings, the federal government is quick to blame and by doing so has exacerbated the situation, causing riots, the killing of five innocent police officers, and maiming nine others in Dallas. 

All people should be educated as to what to do during a police confrontation. Sure there are some crooked cops as in any profession, but to always blame the police before they are heard is not the American way. 

Perhaps the best thing for the police would be to operate in pairs -- black and white. When an alleged offender is black, have the black officer confront him/her. If the offender is white, have a white officer confront him/her. With this procedure, there should be no cause for racial discrimination. 

The meddling federal government should keep out of the situation unless the local and state governments fail to bring proper law and order. 

Martha Morrissy-Call