Letter to the Editor: Police service

Dear Editor:

Last Saturday I came in from doing yard work and checked the phone for messages. There were four. 

The first was a reminder of an appointment. The next two said my mother’s car rolled out of driveway and into the middle of the street. (My brother died about a year and a half ago and my 97-year-old mother liked seeing his car in the driveway.) The last message said the Downey Police were about to have the car towed and impounded if we didn’t respond to this call. 

I told my mom, who is staying with me, and she cried. When my husband came home from work we all drove over to my mom’s house to talk to her neighbor who left the messages. The car was in the driveway! 

The neighbors said that Downey police officers pushed the car back into the driveway. The police told my neighbors they remembered my brother and my mother. The car was locked and secured with a large stone behind the front tire. 

We drove to the Downey Police Station to thank the officers but they were unavailable. We thanked an officer who was available and he said he’d pass our message on and said it’s not often that someone comes to the police station to thank them. 

Thank you again for going beyond your call of duty.

Millie Brown