Letter to the Editor: Political poetry

Dear Editor: 

Breathes there a politician with soul so dead
Who never to his constituents hath said
"I know you work hard to earn your pay
But we need to spend it in our way." 

"I know I promised to cut your taxes
Many promises I made,
But I need money to run for election
And I'm sure your memory will fade"

So many have crossed our borders, you know
We need to confiscate your money to show
How wonderful we are, please note
And hope they all will remember me
Whenever they go to vote

A program here, a program there
Pretty soon, most all will be poor. 
Then all will look back and say
"Not so good." 
Politicians will say "we did the best
we could" 

"But we didn't spend our money, we're
Then they sit in their offices day after
day and try to find out just what they
should say and
"How can we tax them in some other way?"

"We've taxed their house and taxed
their car and taxed gasoline
Hoping they won't drive so far

We've taxed their shoes and taxed
their clothes
Taxed food at restaurants
To add to their woes

We've taxed for electricity too
Taxed on our water, phone, TV and
computers to name just a few

And if you think you're not taxed on
the air that your breathe
Better give it a second look
and do not be deceived.
The money spent on climate change
and global warming is more than
one can ever believe. 

The military has served us well
but if in battle they fall and are
buried in a federal cemetery
God's name can't be mentioned at all

We've been given same-sex marriage and
abortion without parental consent
But don't pray to God in Jesus' name
in public
Is this what "Freedom of Speech" meant?

We must not insult the "Freedom from Religion",
atheists or the ACLU
To be politically correct is now the game
Never mind if they want to insult you.

So politicians: Don't do us any more favors
We can't afford your taste.
We've no more money for you to waste!

Elsa Van Leuven