Letter to the Editor: Political protestors

Dear Editor:

Hillary Clinton's gracious concession speech and President Obama's offer to Donald Trump of help in a successful transition of power is what sets our democracy apart as the most civilized in the planet and is a behavior that the demonstrators should emulate.

Donald Trump won the election fair and square. So get over it. I know for a fact that some demonstrators did not vote in the election, forfeiting their right to select the candidate of their preference, so don't complain.

It is obvious also that most of their parents also voted for Trump showing that their elders saw something of benefit in a Trump presidency (The Latino vote was not for Hillary in Florida and other states. The black vote was also not for Hillary in Michigan and other blue states).

I saw on TV some demonstrators showing the Mexican flag. I assume that they are not Americans since I can't imagine any red-blooded American waving the flag of another country in an American political demonstration. I wonder what the reaction would be in Mexico if an American citizen infiltrates a Mexican political demonstration and waves the American flag.

I'll pray for his soul.

Jorge Montero