LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Political shenanigans

Dear Editor:

I’ve read some of Lee Hamilton’s articles in the Downey Patriot, giving advice to Congress. They aren’t reading his advice or maybe the advice he gives isn’t relevant to current problems, i.e., we have our top leaders who lie to us, deceive us and don’t obey or enforce the laws they make. 

We have a President who lied about healthcare, a Congress who neither wrote nor read it, but following Dictator Obama, after voting for it decided it wasn’t good enough for them and opted out; now we find it too expensive for many. 

We have an $18 trillion debt, project $20 trillion when President Obama gets out of office. So what do we do? We know Congress and the President don’t enforce the law, so we have a continuous stream crossing our border illegally, the number used is 11 million. They used that figure years ago, but rather than be truthful it is beneficial for them to stick with 11 million. 

I know there are many who are compassionate and think it’s kind to let them come, but what happens when the U.S. goes bankrupt and what about U.S. laws? We now have 93 million people not working -- 1 out of 5 looking for work, but where are the jobs? General Motors (bailed out with stimulus money) has moved to Mexico, Hershey’s to Mexico, many car companies have moved to Mexico, and many other businesses also. 

So what does General Electric in California do? They just brought in 400  people with H1B visas from India. Once trained by present employees, the present employees will be laid off for cheaper wages for Indians. That’s how Bill Gates built his empire! Now they want to raise the minimum wage, but if we import cheap labor, will this be for them too? 

Back to the beginning of this letter, our President has been up in Alaska naming a mountain while China and Russia have warships and submarines in the Bering Sea and have been viewing China’s new military power, one being a copy of our newest, most important plane. John Kerry, President Obama, and most of the Democratic senators are approving letting Iran get the atomic bomb, as the people of Iran chant in the streets, “Death to America, Death to Israel.” Hillary Clinton and company are still trying to “dust off” her server, while our attorney general pretends to be investigating and Congress is on another long vacation. 

This letter paints a bleak outlook, but just remember, if we don’t stop these worthless politicians and demand change, it isn’t going to be nearly as bleak as when the U.S. is bankrupt and there will be help for no one. What Lee Hamilton has neglected to tell us is 1.) We need term limits for all elected government officials; 2.) Once out of office they receive a pension for only one office in which they served, not all, that being the highest; 3.) There needs to be a cap on candidates spending to get elected; and 4.) No lobbying for at least 15 years after leaving office and equal air time for all. 

Elsa Van Leuven