LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Possible coyote attack

Dear Editor:

In the night between Aug. 13-14, my 15-year-old miniature dachshund disappeared without a trace from my fenced yard, with a closed gate to the street. 

This yard is located adjoining Gallatin Elementary. Various members of the family and I kept looking for her repeatedly. 

After the weekend, I drove to SEAACA and checked with them. This search was also negative. 
On the 16th I found fecal matter which would only have come from a dog much larger than mine. A son-in-law wondered about a coyote. But how could that be in Downey, with its well-patrolled parks at night? 

However, I was referred to by this relative to a computer notice from the city of Downey, dated Aug. 13, that a coyote, a protected species, was sighted in Downey. It mentioned how to chase it away, and cautioned against leaving pets outside at night. 

I now wonder whether the coyote grabbed my poor dog and jumped with it into the school yard. Not even the collar, with address and SEAACA registration tags hanging from it, has been returned. 

Ingrid Altman