Letter to the Editor: Post office's poor customer service

Dear Editor:

Good customer service is a rare gem to find these days. Customers reward exceptional courtesy and customer service with repetitive patronage. Sadly, I find it appalling that for years now, the main Downey Post Office located on Firestone Blvd. avoid their customer base.

For years now, the staff does not answer their phone, no operator is available when entering zero, and there is no voice mail system to leave a message. Customers are prompted to enter an extension to reach a representative, but none are ever provided by the voice recording for selection. 

Postal workers at other Downey postal offices have expressed to me that they receive complaint calls regarding the Main Office. When a customer is able to obtain an extension and leave a message, no one returns his or her phone calls.

I am sure that I am not the only person who has experienced this lack of service. The solution is easy. We muster the courage and speak up. We are one and what affects one in our community affects all. 

Maybe, we should stand together and contact our local congressional representative and state senator to resolve the problem on our behalf and replace our current post master with someone receptive to Downey needs and oriented toward excellent customer service. 

Downey patrons cannot take their patronage elsewhere, nor should we, when our tax dollars pay for their poor customer service.

Ruben Macias