Letter to the Editor: Pro Life

Dear Editor:

Many today are striving for social justice. I believe social justice should be extended to include the rights of the unborn to be free from the threat of being killed by abortion-on-demand.

If anyone has any doubt about what abortion is, they should watch "The Silent Scream" on YouTube. It is an ultrasound of an actual abortion. When I saw the video, I knew I was watching the murder of a human being.

There are some who justify abortion because it was declared legal by the majority of the Supreme Court in 1973, but don't forget it was this same court which declared slavery to be legal in the 1800's. Slavery was unjust and abortion is unjust. Slavery was overturned and abortion will be overturned.

It is the ultimate act of selfishness to kill an innocent, unborn human merely to enjoy an improved quality of life. Greed is the abortionist's motive. Woe to those who get rich by evil means.

Why a woman willingly submits to the will of an abortionist is beyond my comprehension. She is violating her own natural maternal instinct.

Alan Halstensgaard