Letter to the Editor: Republicans vs. Democrats

Dear Editor:

The article “Republicans Know Nothing About Syria” acts as if to imply that only Democrats are knowledgeable about the Middle East, particularly Syria. 

If they are the smartest and brightest among American politocos, how come this fiasco is still continuing unabated, and unsolvable, and in fact increasing more so than decreasing? 

That fellow writer seems to be a die hard Democrat who only sees the Republicans as our enemy. He must have had a BS degree in diplomacy, and I don’t mean brilliant speech. 

Blaming only Republican candidates for this worldwide fiasco makes me think he is a Democrat perfectionist. He ain’t blaming present administration and President Obama for any failures while we are in a downward spiral as a legitimate world power. They have done more damage to America’s image as a world power than all previous presidents combined. 

These Republicans presidential candidates are not causing our world problems but they are the only ones trying to fix it, not Hillary or Bernie Sanders. Republicans are the only hope that America will survive as a nation in these times. 

That two-bit country would not have lasted four weeks if we had true American leaders like Roosevelt, Truman, Eisenhower and generals like George Patton. You know diplomacy coming from Obama’s mouth is just a lot of hot air, and no amount of sweet talk will ever pacify or soothe those fanatical people. 

We need more true candidates of both parties who don’t have stomach problems, meaning no guts. 

Joe Cvetko