Letter to the Editor: Roy Moore was the victim of a smear campaign

Dear Editor:

Martha Burk stated in her opinion piece, "That also tells us something about the Grand Old Pedophile Party (no need to say more)." Yes, Martha Burk, something more needs to be said.

The allegations against Roy Moore have never been proven and have all the appearance of a politically motivated attack. Lyndon Johnson was famous for accusing one of his opponents of having relations with barnyard animals. He gleefully said he wanted to hear his opponent deny the charge,

As proof, Gloria Allred showed an inscription in a yearbook, also allegedly doctored to show a relationship. In my yearbook, somebody drew a flying saucer. According to the fractured logic shown by Allred's allegation, that would mean there are aliens walking among us, or at least within orbit of the planet.

Finally, with regards to the point of the quotation I started with, at the time of Roy Moore's alleged molestations, he was a registered Democrat, active in party politics. 

Thomas Smith