Letter to the Editor: Sanctuary cities

Dear Editor: 

In the wake of the murders of Kate Steinle in San Francisco, and Marilyn Pharis in Santa Maria, much has been made about "sanctuary cities" since both of these women were allegedly killed by illegal aliens.

Now, we have the question of accepting "refugees" fleeing the violence of Syria, and other parts of the Middle East/North Africa, in the wake of the terrorist attacks in Paris - both the Charle Hebdo attack last January, and the multiple attacks in that city last Friday - by terrorists associated with the Islamic State.

So, my question is:

Is Downey a "sanctuary city", and will that sanctuary be extended to Syrian "refugees" that the Director of the FBI has said of which in Congressional testimony that we are incapable of vetting? 

"Refugees" that governors of more than half the states have refused to accept?

Drew Kelley