Letter to the Editor: Sanctuary cities

Dear Editor:

I am not an expert on sanctuary cities but this is what I observe.

Mayors say that they want to give sanctuary to all illegal immigrants. They say if they don't give sanctuary, the "good immigrants " will not cooperate with law enforcement. I see this as a fallacy.

The good immigrants still have to live in the same neighborhood. The "criminal " illegal immigrant will go to court and receive a lighter sentence from a DA or CA in an effort to clear the case. The criminal and his gang return to the neighborhood. Do you think the good immigrant is in fear for his life?

I look at criminal histories every day. I see the multiple entries of "under investigation", "ICE hold" or "deportation." They are still living in our country and still committing crimes. You, the citizens of this country must stand up and demand that the criminals be deported. If breaking up the criminal's family are the consequence then so be it.

The "good" illegal immigrants and their families are here to stay and I wish them good luck. But the criminals have to be deported.

Bob Rodriguez