Letter to the Editor: Save the Rancho trees

Dear Editor: 

Enough already. Patriot readers are tired of being hammered by the Hillary-Donald show. We know the election is nigh, but let's switch to a quiet, apolitical subject: trees. 

I was mildly alarmed to learn that Downey is soon to develop the "south campus" of the Rancho Los Amigos hospital. This area happens to be home to a couple of famous trees, which I sincerely hope will not be removed. 

In my voluminous library there happens to reside an authoritative book, "Exceptional Trees of Los Angeles," authored by Donald R. Hodel, and published by the California Arboretum Foundation. Two of these exceptional trees are in Downey. 

The first tree is a Moreton Bay Fig (fieus macrophylla) native to Queensland and northern New South Wales in Australia. It is a massive tree spreading over more than 1/4 acre, and is at least 90 years old, with huge buttressed roots. 

The other tree is called a Bunya-Bunya (araucaria bidwillii) and is also native to Australia. It is at least 100 feet tall and truly impressive. 

If one wants to view these two wonderful trees, they are on Erickson Avenue, due south from the Downey courthouse. However, as you approach the vicinity of the trees, the road is cordoned off two blocks from the location of the trees. Another way is to approach the trees from the east via Consuelo Street off Paramount Boulevard. Proceed west on Consuelo until you encounter a street named Dahlia, whereupon you can park and walk a short distance west to the trees. 

It is a quiet area, excellent for walking or riding bikes. Recently my wife and I encountered a family of five raccoons sauntering along in the vicinity of the Moreton Bay Fig. 

Jack Russell