LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Selective water rationing

Dear Editor:

This 42-year-old Downey resident loves to walk, especially in Furman Park. My husband and I love the new walking trail. We love to people-watch and count the laps as we enjoy Pandora. 

My heart was so sad as I watched the once-green grass turn to brown, and in many places to dirt, but I understood. We all need to pitch in and conserve our water as Gov. Brown and Downey officials urged all its citizens. 

However, last week as my husband and I approached the 605 Freeway on Florence Avenue, Wilderness Park caught my attend: pristine and beautifully green. This caused me to wonder if other Downey properties looked more like Furman Park or more like Wilderness Park. 

The following are my subjective findings: Rio Hondo Golf Club, 99% green; Wilderness Park, 99% green; Barbara Riley Center, 99% green; Rose Street at Lakewood Boulevard (a small triangular patch of grass), 95% green; Independence Park, 80% green; Dennis the Menace Park, 70% green; Apollo Park, 60% green; Rio San Gabriel Park, 50% green; Furman Park, 30% green. 

I ask our city representatives to cease being selective when it comes to water rationing. What is right for Wilderness Park, the country club and the Barbara Riley Center must also be right for Furman Park. 

Please green-up Furman Park. 

Karyn Ehrenfeldt