Letter to the Editor: Shirley Stewart's retirement

Dear Editor:

The Downey and Warren High community should be in mourning on the news of the impending retirement from teaching by Mrs. Shirley Stewart at Warren High.

As an involved parent with two students at Warren, I saw from a very close distance Mrs. Stewart's commitment, enthusiasm, pedagogic skills and care that she gave to all students at Warren.

Mrs. Stewart's participation in the college application process is legendary. My two students benefited from her comments on their college application essays that she gave at any time of the day on any day of the week when requested. I credit her with being instrumental in they being accepted at the colleges of their choice.

At least two generations of students have benefited from Mrs. Stewart's devotion to teaching.

Mrs. Stewart leaves some very big shoes that will be very difficult to fill. I don't expect that to happen during my lifetime.

Whatever you do or wherever you go, Mrs. Stewart, we wish the best. You have earned and deserve it.

Jorge Montero