LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Slaughterhouses

Dear Editor: 

I feel immense sadness for the cruel treatment of animals that are processed into food.

No living creature should ever have to endure their neck being broken, or to be chopped or stomped to death, or to be put through a meat grinder, or to have their genitalia ripped from their body, or any other horrific killing method.

If the average citizen were to hurt these animals in this fashion, they would be facing animal cruelty charges. We have too many laws that apply to the citizens in this country, we need to focus on laws that apply to the government on their treatment of animals.

I am very disappointed to hear that a new slaughterhouse will be opening today in Virginia, the Seven Hills Slaughterhouse. It’s the 21st Century, we should be closing down slaughterhouses, not building new ones. 

It’s a very sad day in America. 

Patty Jackson