Letter to the Editor: Smashing pumpkins

Dear Editor: 

Perhaps I should take it as a compliment that my seasonal decorations were thought attractive. Perhaps you just wanted to make your own home look as inviting, but I think a nicer way to attain that end would be to purchase your own decorations.  

At first I thought that the heavy wind had blown the artificial pumpkins away, but the bale of hay and the large, real 16-lb. pumpkin? No way.

Coincidentally, as I drove home from my classes today, I saw a large pumpkin in the gutter about three blocks from my house. It was scarred and cracked. I thought, so sad, someone must have dropped it, as it was too heavy for the wind to pick up. Now I realize that this was my own pumpkin, from my own front porch and the one that was to be made into pumpkin pies for my family, not to mention feasting on the pumpkin seeds.

So, thank you. You have given me something else for which to be thankful. That is I am able to replace these things, if not this season then perhaps by next one.

I’m assuming you really needed the ones you stole and that perhaps you are thankful, too, that you have them and that you were not caught. So, everyone has something for which to be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!  

P.S.: I drove back this afternoon and rescued the real pumpkin from the gutter where it lay. My family will still get home-baked pumpkin seeds and multiple pumpkin pies, so you don't have to feel overly bad. 

Susan Bouris