Letter to the Editor: Squared away

Dear Editor:

I actually enjoyed Byron Dillon’s letter last week about his cleaning up graffiti in his neighborhood. 

There actually might be a military factor here. In a previous letter I believe Mr. Dillon indicated he had been a captain in the Air Force, and had also been in the Navy. 

Myself, I was enlisted in the Navy. In the military, if everything is copacetic, things are said to be “squared away.” On military bases, to keep things shipshape, it is common for personnel to “police up an area.” At Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station there was a parade ground known as “block alpha,” which we regularly scoured of any stray trash. 

This might explain, in part, why Mr. Dillon and myself like to see our neighborhoods “squared away,” by being trash and graffiti free. 

Hopefully, we can say the same of our fair city.

Jack Russell