Letter to the Editor: Support for Art Montoya

Dear Editor:

This national election has become very divisive from both sides of the political aisle. With both national candidates spending in the hundreds of millions of dollars do we, as residents of Downey, want to have a local government that follows the lead of the current political train wreck?

Why would any caring person who decides to serve the people of this great city spend hundreds of thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars on an unpaid local city council seat? The answer could be a variety of factors from them wanting to just win a contest to a more conspiratorial notion of them being supported by special interests that seek to exploit Downey’s civil or political resources. In either case, why should the residents of this city support a continued political climate where you must spend, spend, spend?

This brings me to who I support: Art Montoya. I’ve known Art since we were kids in school together and I know his inner values as one who serves and not one who takes. He has always been the first to volunteer to help a friend, coworker, neighbor or family member. I’ve noticed that he is going around home to home not to tell you what you need, but to listen to what you have to say about Downey.

Isn’t it refreshing to have such a youthful, vibrant candidate that knows true leadership is about service and not wheeling and dealing with special interests and lots of campaign dollars? The thing that most people will say is broken with the political system is that voters are promised the world and once elected the candidate forgets. Art, in my experience, never forgets a promise. He’s stuck to his principles through and through even if that makes him unpopular amongst his peers.

So, wonderful residents of Downey ask yourself this critical question. Do you want the same old dissatisfaction with your local leaders or would you prefer a true advocate on your council that won’t tell you what you want, but listen and work hard to get done what you have been asking of them.

Some of Art’s values of civic responsibility, safety, community, kindness and justice are not just his values, but they are also some of the values Downey holds dear. I recommend Art Montoya for city council and I hope you do too.

Richard Spencer