Letter to the Editor: Support for Medrano

Dear Editor:

As a young woman and Warren High alumni, I’m proud to see a candidate that I can relate to and inspires me. She will get my vote! 

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Frine Medrano has raised more than $29,000 for her campaign for Downey City Council in District 3. (“Who is Funding the City Council Candidates?” 8/25/16) In a year where we finally have the opportunity to vote for a woman for United States president, I think it says a lot about our city that we will also have an opportunity to elect a well-educated, experienced and strong woman to represent us on the City Council.

I am glad that Frine has the support of our top California legislators and major businesses. This support indicates to me that she is ready to lead our city into the future. And I certainly don’t see this as a negative for her in anyway, although your article seems to imply as such. 

Why wouldn’t we want our next council member to have strong relationships in Sacramento that she can use to ensure that Downey gets its fair share of resources for schools, police, and other important services?

I say yes to Frine and to a new, bright future for Downey

Christina Vaca