LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support local police

Dear Editor: This is in response to the letter to the editor by Patty Jackson in the March 26 issue. (“Recording Police,” Letters to the Editor)

If a lie is told often enough it is often accepted as fact. There is a war on local police started by Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, et al. claiming that local police departments are practicing brutality and, yes, are even killers.

They make up and spread the story of widespread brutality in the local police departments without fact. Are there bad cops? Of course but virtually all are just citizens that have chosen law enforcement as a career.

Some years ago there was a national movement entitled “Support Your Local Police.” Many carried bumper stickers with that phrase. We need that now.

Now with the made up war on our local police forces we are experiencing the killing and attacks on police all over the country.

In an earlier State of the Union address, Mr. Obama mentioned a national police force. Could this be what they are after to nationalize the police?

The pending bill that was referred to in the letter was written by Sen. Ricardo Lara and would protect citizens and police. That would preclude the lies like the Ferguson hands-up scenario that caused so much destruction. I hear property values in Ferguson have dropped nearly two-thirds.

Yes, there is a force working very hard to strip us of our constitutional rights and shred the constitution. The founding fathers are, indeed, rolling over in their graves so to speak. It is the local police department that we look to for our safety.

Don Johnston Downey