Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court

Dear Editor:

Senate Republicans should be very careful expressing what they wish because it may happen. In principle, I would also be in favor of allowing the next president to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice.

But I would rather deal with the devil I know.

Not allowing Obama to appoint the next Supreme Court Justice would make sense if we could be sure that the next president would be a Republican.

However, all signs point that the Republican presidential candidate will be Trump, who has managed to insult blacks, Latinos, Catholics, Islamists, Mexicans, gays, women and every other minority we can think of, thus insuring himself of not being electable.

Irrespective of which Democrat is the presidential candidate, it would win the election if they compete with Trump.

Now imagine a new Democratic president nominating Barack Obama to be the next Supreme Court Justice. The punditry would call that poetic justice.

Jorge Montero