Letter to the Editor: Taxed to death

Dear Editor:
The California State Legislature does not understand that homeowners still want Proposition 13’s two-thirds majority to remain so we can keep our homes. 

In Downey, we see apartments and low-income homes being built everywhere. Does the California taxpayer at state and federal levels pay for low-income homes through grants using our money? Is it that the Democrats don’t understand that we don’t want a parcel tax on our homes (ACA-6)? 

They just voted to put a $52 billion tax on our gasoline and car fees. Now they want to put a parcel tax on every privately-owned home. It’s always the homeowner who has saved and purchased their home that is taxed. Rep. Maxine Waters’ $6 million home will pay the same amount of tax as someone who owns a $300,000 home; every homeowner pays the same. 

In the past I thought the gasoline tax was a way to pay for upkeep on our roads and highways but it went into the General Fund. The legislature wants us to pay for their incompetence, to pay to widen interstate highways, also to build and extend mass transit. The bullet train is already over budget and may never be finished. 

If they need more money, legislators should cut their salaries and do away with their pensions. 
When election time comes, we need to retire them and our do-nothing governor. I’ve had enough of their wasting my money.

Betty Logan