LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Teacher of the Year

Dear Editor: I wish to recognize and congratulate Mrs. Alison Kirby for being elected Woman of the Year.

My daughter, Mariah, had the good fortune of being under Mrs. Kirby’s (nee Davis) positive influence as capatain of the junior varsity and varsity cheer squads and as a member of the Link Crew and of the SkillsUSA teams at Waren High.

Mrs. Kirby’s professionalism and care for her students was always apparent. As an involved parent, I attended every game where the cheerleaders performed and every out-of-town SkillsUSA competition and could observe personally the tough love, discipline and care that Mrs. Kirby showed for all the students under her guidance.

My daughter is now in college and I have no more children in high school. If I did, I would feel gratified if they could be under Mrs. Kirby’s tutelage.

Jorge Montero Downey