Letter to the Editor: The fix is in

Dear Editor:

The Associated Press announced the day before the primaries Hillary Clinton had clinched it.
All those mail-in ballots were not yet counted.

Clinton declared victory on Tuesday night and the AP reported she had beat Bernie Sanders by more than 10%, yet millions of those mail in ballots had yet to be counted.

The independent Target Book, a publication that handicaps congressional and legislative races, called it probable that as many as 3 million ballots might be uncounted at that time. The analysis said those ballots tend to come from the young, Democrats and Latino voters.

Reports came in of chaotic voting processes throughout California.

By June 9, LA County reported that more than 500,000 ballots remain uncounted. On Tuesday night throughout California the vote was deemed too close to call.

Oh yes the fix was in.

And how dare the Associated Press decide this election?

Margaret Hittinger