Letter to the Editor: The loss of individual rights

Dear Editor:

Free speech has died -- in Downey at least.

If they don’t agree with you, you are expected to shut up or be shut out. If you have an opinion that some tattooed and pierced hooligans who sneak around in the dark don’t agree with, then you can expect your real property to be illegal trespassed against in the middle of the night. You will have your personal property destroyed, defaced and stolen. You will be physically attacked if you leave your home and express your First Amendment right at any legal gathering that they don’t approve of.

This has now become our city’s culture. Law abiding and hardworking citizens better take notice and watch out because there is nothing anyone can do to stop this mad rush for so many in our society to declare themselves self-righteous victims. They feel that the world owes them a living -- and they are demanding that you give it to them.

Those at the top have emboldened these louts that would deny us our civil rights. Our government has provided legitimacy for this attitude that the next generation has. Our leaders create the incentive for people to demand more and more from the taxpayers. There is no incentive to work hard and make smart decisions about their lives. It has become easier and more fun to riot for what you want. 

We are no longer have a government of and by the taxpayer, but a government of and for the criminal. Our government is letting criminals out of jail, federal and statewide.

We are lied to about these things as Proposition 57 does. Every change to the law proposed in that sham proposal is designed to allow criminals to get out of jail free, before their time is up.

Geoffrey Wilkins