Letter to the Editor: The truth about Benghazi

Dear Editor:

In response to Mr. Jack Russell defending Hillary Clinton about Benghazi, the truth about Benghazi will never be released until Clinton ends her four-year term. 

CIA personnel and contractors had to sign no disclosure agreements to not disclose any information regarding Benghazi. The testimony of the three contractors (heroes) contradicted the CIA Chief but was mostly ignored.

Heavily redacted documents from the Department of Defense, Defense Intelligence Agency, and the State Department show that they knew that an attack would occur 10 days in advance. The documents were released by court order on 05/15/2014. The documents disclosed the shipment of weapons including the type and quantity to the Benghazi area. The news media buried the reports. The State Department has yet to release the Clinton email regarding this information.

More information will be released but buried after Clinton is sworn-in.

Robert Rodriguez