Letter to the Editor: Threats from coyotes

Dear Editor:

I have read the article regarding the loss of the little dog to coyotes here in Downey.

The author stated that the animals are "protected." Hogwash. These creatures are only protected by lazy politicians and bureaucrats who are unwilling to take the steps to protect the public safety of the citizens.

The state hunting laws classify coyotes as non-game animals, and allow for licensed hunters and trappers to kill coyotes with no bag limit. I am not advocating that people take up arms in the city to protect themselves, their families and their pets, I am advocating that cities provide proactive solutions to quell the problem of these animals. 

Coyotes are dangerous animals. I have been stalked by coyotes in the past, and now they have wandered into Downey. It is only a matter of time before they attack a child playing in their yard. 

To the politicians and SEAACA, I say get off your duffs and do something to protect the public safety from these creatures.

Thomas Smith