Letter to the Editor: Trump for President

Dear Editor:

Please note: the title of my letter “Demon Democrats” (8/18/16) was not mine, but the Downey Patriot’s. However, as I list the following you be the judge.

We now have 94 million out of work. Neither President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Joe Biden nor John Kerry have ever held a private sector job -- just government jobs. The only jobs they have created are government jobs. Hillary now wants to close down our coal mines, as does President Obama, saying she will retrain the people who work there. For what? If that can be done, why do we have 94 million out of work? China opens a new one every week. So our electricity bills continue to rise. On the other hand, Donald Trump has created thousands of private sector jobs. 

Hillary seems to have trouble keeping track of things. Remember she couldn’t find papers for two years and when she found them on a table at the White House, the statute of limitations had passed. 

Then there was a fire on the 14th floor of the Rose Law Firm. The only loss was Hillary’s papers that burned. Her memory isn’t too good either. She said she had only one server, but the FBI found out she had four. Also she forgot that she had thousands of emails which others discovered. 

She definitely has problems telling the truth. We all know she lied about Benghazi, as did President Obama and Susan Rice. Bill also has the same problem. He was impeached and lost his law license, but was allowed to stay in office. Gen. Patreaus must not have been part of the “in” group. He was removed from office for much less than Hillary. 

Yes, the Clintons are above the rest of us concerning obeying the laws. I didn’t realize America’s darling was so popular with our enemy governments. Look at the millions they gave to the Clinton Foundation. The only country we know who benefited from their gifts to her is Russia. They pushed the “restart button” with her and were given control over huge amounts of uranium, and at their request middle defense systems were removed from Poland and ours (the U.S.) cut back. 

Hillary’s thesis was inspired by Saul Alinsky who wrote “Rules for Radicals” and was the founder of Community Organizers. He told Playboy Magazine shortly before his death “if there is an afterlife and I have anything to do with it, I will unreservedly choose to go to hell.” He embraced socialism and he was both Hillary’s and President Obama’s inspiration. Also George Soros -- who was their good friend and helped fund the Occupy Wall Street movement and has now funded Black Lives Matter with $100 million. He is a big funder for all the riots we see. 
Now regarding Lee Hamilton’s op-ed about Trump. If Russia has Hillary’s 30,000 emails, I hope they turn them over to the U.S. We need to know why she tried to destroy them and if she endangered our country. 

I guess the question is do we want another 4-8 years of lies, deceit, open borders, reckless government spending, confiscation of our money to support the 94 million or more jobless and the thousands who are on food stamps because of lack of jobs. 
To sum this up: 

I will vote for Trump, realizing he’s not perfect, but I want our border laws enforced, I want someone who creates jobs, I want someone who will put a Constitutionalist on the Supreme Court, and someone who will enforce our laws. Right now there are four states plus D.C. who allow marijuana to be sold even though the federal government says it’s illegal. 

I want someone who will not bring refugees to America that haven’t been very carefully vetted. Hillary wants to increase the number by 500 percent. There goes our culture and more debt. 

I want someone who will protect and enforce our First and Second Amendments and restore peace in our cities. I’m tired of the looting, burning and tearing down of someone else’s property and I want a President who will support the police. This did not happen under George W. Bush’s presidency, but it has under our little “Community Organizer.”

Elsa Van Leuven