Letter to the Editor: Trump has to go

Dear Editor:

After all, America isn’t accustomed to having a president or elected official do what they campaign on. Trump said he was going to bring jobs back to America, and in six months he has brought back close to 1 million and cut down on unemployment – it’s the lowest in many years.

Also, the number on food stamps have gone down. We can’t have this!

He’s building up our military, which was down to the lowest level since pre-WWII. Why would he do that? We didn’t need them, because Bill Clinton gave North Korea millions to develop nuclear warheads that can reach the US and Guam. President George Bush did nothing and President Obama and Kerry gave Iran millions to develop nuclear warheads and now the two work together.

If those presidents didn’t need the military, why does the U.S. need them now? Well, Obama did tell President Trump to keep an eye on North Korea and that they would have missiles developed in four or five years. I guess he meant four or five months. Also, we wouldn’t have to go through the vetting process of trying to keep Muslim terrorists out of the U.S. and we could have borders. What nation needs borders?

And now President Trump is trying to stop the killing of our babies and to stop the U.S. from paying for abortions. Guess 60 million murdered babies aren’t enough. After all, they’re such a nuisance and inconvenience. 

And shame on him for trying to protect Judeo-Christians from having to perform services which go against their religious beliefs. I’m sure the LGBTQ’s can’t find anyone else to do what they want done.

Just think, we could have had Hillary, who lied about Benghazi, who gave Russia control of 20 percent of our uranium and ripped off every country she visited to contribute to their foundation. Bill could help support them by getting half a million to make a speech in Russia and money for giving speeches elsewhere. It seems they didn’t know that what he say’s isn’t too dependable, since he lost his law license for lying to Congress. If Hillary had been elected we wouldn’t have to pay 16 high-powered attorneys for a special counsel to investigate President Trump regarding Russia.

President Obama was told about Russia hacking into U.S. affairs in 2014, but did nothing. And we know there is little likelihood that Hillary, Eric Holder, Lauretta Lynch, Comey, Susan Rice or Debbie Wasserman Schultz will be investigated – no attorneys’ fees there.

I just have to wonder how deep the “swamp” is. It isn’t just Democrats, but also some Republicans, who will do anything to take President Trump down. One just has to wonder what is in their “little apple carts” that they don’t want exposed or upset and that is so beneficial (probably financial) that they will not rest until they have taken down an elected President because people wanted a change from the corruption and crooks in government and would like their country back.

That’s why they think “Trump must go.” The U.S. just went through a very dangerous few days of wondering if Guam or the U.S. would be hit by a nuclear bomb. God has spared us so far, but the only thing the news has reported on was words of President Trump regarding Charlottesville. There wasn’t any condemnation of “police or state police” standing by watching it, nor Governor Terry McAuliffe doing nothing to stop it – just blame President Trump.

Elsa Van Leuven