Letter to the Editor: Unhappy with AAA

Dear Editor: 

AAA spends millions of dollars on television ads, hawking their car insurance policy, which is supposed to be so inexpensive that a lady tells them “to go back and recheck their figure” because she cannot believe how low it is. 

Giving AAA the benefit of the doubt, I signed up with them. Their TV ad also promises a stainless steel container for hot and cold beverages, and a $100 travel certificate as a reward for purchasing car insurance from AAA. 

After almost two months and several phone calls to the insurance agent, I still have not received the beverage container, but the agent offered an umbrella in its place. Since it is difficult to carry hot coffee or cold lemonade in an umbrella, I passed on the agent’s offer. 

By now I should have received the travel certificate. It never arrived. 

It is obvious AAA practices deceptive advertising, making promises to the customer it does not intend to keep. Our country is suffering from corporate greed; it seems that AAA has the same malady. Shame on them. 

Oh, by the way, I never received the monthly “Westways” magazine either. 

John Ralmon