Letter to the Editor: Upset with Downey Police

Dear Editor:

On May 16, my wife called me in a panic. A man was at our front door pulling his pants down to his ankles. Not knowing what to do, I told her to call the Downey Police Department and to keep the doors locked.

My wife was ready to leave the house to pick up our granddaughters from school, but was afraid to leave with the man standing at our door. When my wife called "Downey's finest," she was placed on hold for so long that she had to hang up and call our daughter to tell her that she was unable to pick up our granddaughters.

After explaining the situation to our daughter, she placed another call for help to the Downey Police, only to be asked if this was an emergency. When she was finally able to explain the situation, dispatch ask if she wanted to be contacted by an officer. Of course, she answered "Yes."

At no time since the call did she receive a call or visit from the Downey Police Department.

I can only imagine that the Police Department was so busy tracking down kidnappers, bank robbers and car thieves that they couldn't be bothered to respond to my wife's call for help. If that was the case, I understand, but to completely ignore a request from a panicked citizen is inexcusable.

Stanley Curtis