Letter to the Editor: Where is the memorial for Brian Wolf?

Dear Editor:

I see that part Interstate 5 will be named after Officer Ricky Galvez, who was killed in the parking lot of the Downey Police Department.

I'm all for it, as well as renaming other things in Downey after Ricky Galvez. He used to use our Church parking lot, sometimes, on his lunch break because he felt safe there. I've been to his memorial at Downey P.D. often. He was a man of great character and a great friend to many people in Downey. He was and is loved by his fellow officers and many others in Downey.

I see that other things in Downey are being named for him too, and I like that idea tremendously. It particularly shows our young people how much respect and love we have for those who put their lives on the line to serve and protect us.

I wonder, however, why nothing is named after Downey Fire Battalion Chief Brian Wolf, who died July 21, 2013. I know of nothing in Downey which has been dedicated to him, no plaque, no memorial.

I am hesitant to even imagine why he has been overlooked.

Fr. John Higgins