Letters to the Editor - Funny smell

Dear Editor:This is an update for all of the concerned citizens that live west of Old River School Road, north of Imperial Highway, and south of Firestone Boulevard. The toxic smell referred to in The Downey Patriot article dated Feb. 6 ("Suspicious Odor Remains a Mystery") is being investigated by city officials. I have been researching this problem for months and presented my concerns and findings to the City Council at their meeting on Feb. 12. After the meeting, I spoke with City Manager Gerald Caton and he assured me that I may participate in future meetings concerning this issue. I will keep you informed through Letters to the Editor in the Patriot. If you have information, concerns or health issues regarding this situation, please e-mail me at ClearTheAir@msn.com and I will make sure that your information is included in the meetings with city officials. This is a serious situation, however, I am optimistic that it will be resolved expeditiously. We have dealt with it long enough and now it is time for answers. - Tricia Zelambo, Downey ********** Published: February 20, 2009 - Volume 7 - Issue 44