Library encourages reading this summer

DOWNEY - "One World, Many Stories" is the theme of the Downey City Library's summer reading program for children up to age 12.During the program, which runs June 27 through Aug. 6, children can check out books and read them at home to earn prizes. The library is also planning several events on Thursdays at 2 p.m. from July 7 through Aug. 4. Featured performances include Swazzle's Dream Carver Puppet Show (July 7); the Call of the Road Storytelling with Karen Rae Kraut (July 14); Animal Magic with John Abrams (July 21); The Wacky World of Animals with Pacific Animal Productions (July 28); and Songwriting 101 with Kelly Corsino (Aug. 4). Free show passes will be distributed 30 minutes before show time to the first 110 children. "This year we encourage kids to discover the world of travel through stories and activities about other lands and cultures," said children's librarian Gina Orello. "When they read during the summer, children develop a reading habit to last a lifetime." Beginning June 6, young adults can register for the library's teen summer reading program which runs through July 30. "One World, Many Stories @ Your Library" is the theme of the free program which encourages teens to read for pleasure or to get a head start on books for the next school year. "Teens can pick up a book from our International Fiction list or read about a teen from another country," said young adult librarian Julia Butler. "Our program invites teens to experience adventure and learn about another culture through books." Students ages 13-19 can join the program and win reading prizes. Teens who complete the program will receive a free book and are eligible to attend a pizza party on July 29. The library is also encouraging adults to read for pleasure this summer. "Novel Destinations" is the theme of the library's independent reading program for adults. Beginning June 6, adults may register for the program, which runs through July 30. Participants will receive a "book bingo" card and a free prize after completing five boxes in a row. "Adults can take a literary vacation, filled with fictional travels and imaginative character," said librarian Nancy Munoz. "You will be setting a great example for children and teens while you catch up on the latest bestsellers or classic books." Munoz said the program is ideal for everyone who has even a few minutes each day to read. "Even with a busy schedule, you can enrich your life by discovering the reading habit," she said. "We appreciate the generosity of the Friends of the Downey City Library and other organizations that support summer reading programs." For more information on any of the programs, visit the library or call (562) 904-7360, ext. 132.

********** Published: March 31, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 50