Library’s May auction items

DOWNEY – The Friends of the Downey City Library holds monthly silent auctions to raise money for library programs. May’s auction items include:

“The Greatest Weddings of All Time” (ninety-two of the most celebrated weddings of all time and 50 of the most celebrated screen lovers, all in two volumes);

“The Encyclopedia of Ireland” (a must for anyone interested in the history of Ireland);

“American Mirror-The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell” (an authoritative biography that tells his story in pictures and words);

“JFK Remembered” (a remarkable portrait in pictures and words of the man, the leader, and the father);

“Everest-The Summit of Achievement” (hundreds of pictures tell the story of Mount Everest and the struggle to climb its ever changing face);

“What Works…What Doesn’t-The Bottom Line on Everything Health” (before you take a medicine, start a new diet, get a medical test, find out first if it’s worth the effort);

“Great Scrapbooks-Ideas, Tips & Techniques” (lots of hints, lots of pictures, and lots of fun);

“John Paul II-An Invitation to Joy” (an illustrated devotional album that distills the essence of his message plus a portrait of the Pope’s entire life);

“Lindbergh Alone-May 21, 1927” (an unknown young man one day and world famous the next-the story of incredible achievement and what followed);

“Simply Chocolate” (satisfy your craving for chocolate with this great cookbook from the people who know chocolate);

“Inside Boxing” (starting with boxing’s roots in ancient civilizations to modern 20th century living legends);

“Paradise on Earth” (a trip through the World Heritage sites-outstanding photography at the most beautiful and inspiring sites in the world).

Books have opening bids from $6-$10 and are on display in the library lobby. Bids can be made through noon, May 30, on cards in the Friends’ Bookstore located in the young adult section of the library.



Published: May 14, 2015 - Volume 14 - Issue 05