Library's November/December silent auction items

DOWNEY – The Friends of the Downey City Library holds monthly silent book auctions to raise money for library programs. November and December auctions are combined. Items Include:

Audubon’s Birds of America” (This book by Roger and Virginia Peterson is known for the extraordinary quality of its printing and its faithfulness to the original art.);

A History of Christianity” (from its origins as a Jewish sect up to televangelists, including architecture, music, sacred text, war, vestments and much more);

A Christmas Memory” (in a festive keepsake volume, three stories that Truman Capote regarded as among his greatest works of fiction);

Roverandom” (This Christmas tale, peopled by a terrible dragon and a wise old whale, by the king of the sea and the Man-in-the-Moon, was a Tolkein family favorite);

The Complete New Yorker” (eight CD discs contain an introduction and history of The New Yorker, every cover and every page of every New Yorker printed);

Yosemite and the Range of Light” (an Ansel Adams special edition with about 100 photographs);

One Hundred Flowers” (brought together from private collectors and museums, about 100 pieces of art created by Georgia O’Keefe);

Classic Rivalries – The Most Memorable Matches in Sports History” (the great rivalries and great moments of sports dating back to the early 20th century…great stories and great pictures)”

The Beatles CD’s” (7 CD’s including the Beatles Anthology, the John Lennon Collection, Paul-the U.S. tour and more);

Arabian Nights-the Book of a Thousand Nights and a Night” (a British translation in which the stories are presented in the order in which they appeared historically);

The Mediterranean Cat” (In addition to sunshine, the Greek Isles have cats, half-wild, half-domesticated. They show us cats at their best.);

Home Baking-The Artful Mix of Flour and Tradition Around the World” (From savory pies to sweet buns, from crusty loaves to birthday cakes, from  old world apples pies to peanut butter cookies, they are all  here as you take a cook’s trip around the world.)

Books have opening bids from $5-$15 and are on display in the library lobby. Bids can be made through noon, Saturday Dec. 12, on cards in the Friend’s Bookstore located in the young adult section of the library.