Local artists to feature artwork at Downey Symphony concert

The theme of the Downey Symphony’s Jan. 20 concert is inspired by the masters of art, music, science and the written word.

Many of these masters have inspired our culture and ourselves in many difference ways through-out our lives, so we give them tribute.

These art shows with the concerts have been bringing the art community together in celebration. And our community has inspired Red Gayita, an artist from Westwood, who has worked in Downey for the past two years. 

Red has been a project manager on several construction projects in Downey, and works for one of the leading builders, Swinerton. Red is very excited to be part of the show, and says that “Downey has the best of both worlds; it has everything L.A. has to offer, with a small-town feel, and the people are really nice.” 

Wendy Hernandez created this art piece, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.

Wendy Hernandez created this art piece, inspired by Edgar Allen Poe.

Not to mention, he is making it his personal mission to try all our wonderful restaurants for lunch.

Red has been painting for 20 years, and after having worked in Downey for a couple, is now ready to come join our local art community, and is welcomed with open arms. 

In conjunction with the Downey Arts Coalition, we have some other exciting new artists in this exhibit, starting with Wendy Hernandez, with an original art piece that is inspired by the famous writer Edgar Allen Poe. The piece itself is an original work made using the artist assemblage art style of found objects such as bike chains, gears and other metal objects then covered with a resin to finish the piece. 

The piece includes a photograph of the writer himself and a quote from him as well inside of a heart. 

With the materials used in its creation the art work is given a steampunk appearance which adds uniqueness to the composition while also making it appear to be something from one of Poe’s writings. 

Other new artists include Haisi Xu, Lori Pond, Katie McGuire, and Mercedes Vasquez. 

We are honored to have back, Aia White Podue with acrylic on wood canvas painting called “Urban Color Blocks.” An original art piece inspired by modernist artist Gerogia O’Keeffe’s New York City Skyscraper series from 1925-1929. It is an original city of the artist’s own design that uses a variety of colors and sharp differences in light between the buildings and sky. 

Lindsay Yost with ceramic mosaic art piece called “Death Brings Life”. It is an art piece that is inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “La Vie”. The mosaic mainly focuses on the one female figure in the foreground of the original with the ceramics adding an elegant beauty that the original doesn’t. 

Other wonderful returning artists include Jorge Del Toro, Carolina Estrada- Del Toro, Amelie Simmons, Kristan Haitz, Lisa Maffia-Reynoso, Irina Karkov, Stephanie Snee, Preston Craig, T. An Lee, Isabel Acosta, and Esmeralda Villalobos.     

We wish we can go into detail about every one of these talented artists, but it’s always better to see it yourself and experience an amazing Symphony concert as well.     

Submitted by Pat Gil, board member with the Downey Symphony and president of the Downey Arts Coalition.