Looking ahead to senior year

DOWNEY - Less than 140 days remain until senior year officially begins for the class of 2012. September 7, the first day of school for the upcoming year, may seem considerably distant from now, but judging by how quickly time has gone by since the start of high school, that day will be here soon enough.As a freshman, I never imagined that my time to be a senior would ever arrive. The few seniors that I knew at the time would tell me to enjoy high school while I still had the opportunity, but their words didn't seem relevant to me. If waiting for the bell to ring at the end of one school day lasted for an eternity, then how would four years fly by with the blink of an eye? After becoming accustomed to high school life within the first few months, time started to move at a faster tempo. Sophomore year began much sooner than I had anticipated. The heavier workload of both homework and extracurricular activities helped the time pass by without having to think about it. Now I'm a junior in the midst of testing season for SAT and Advanced Placement exams, often considered the busiest period for high school students. Although preparing for these exams requires dedication and effort, I'm motivated by the prospect of college in the near future. To think that the college application process will be in full swing within six months is a perplexing thought, but I look forward to taking my chances at universities across the country. In terms of social life, I'll definitely be more interested in participating in school events. The only reason I've ever been to dances is to set up the decorations as an ASB member. For the past two years, I was one of the helpers who worked behind-the-scenes on the day of Winter Formal to transform the Boardwalk Ballroom at Knott's Berry Farm. Afterwards, we promptly left as the clock struck eight, signaling the start of the dance. I did like decorating the venue, but in senior year, I hope to officially attend Winter Formal as well as prom. As a veteran member of the set-up crews, I promise to appreciate the centerpieces and props, even if no one else does. In retrospect, I would say that high school is like a rollercoaster. Freshman year starts at a manageable and steady speed, and sophomore year rolls along with more intensity. Junior year is filled with ups and downs that are intimidating at first, but later become fun to manage. (Even all-nighters can be fun as long as coffee is involved.) Finally, senior year ends with the big finale known as graduation, and the rollercoaster comes to an end after mere seconds. The only major difference is that rollercoasters can be experienced numerous times, but high school can't be repeated. With this is mind, I'm prepared to make the most out of my senior year.

********** Published: April 21, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 1