Lupita Infante to perform at Ferias Legales holiday party

DOWNEY -- Lupita Infante will be performing at the Ferias Legales holiday party taking place Thursday, Dec. 21, in Downey's Mi Cielo Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge.

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Lupita, a Downey native, is the granddaughter of legendary "Golden Era" Mexican star, Pedro Infante, and the daughter of Pedro Infante, Jr., himself a famous singer and movie star.  

Lupita's televised rendition of "Recuerdame" from the hit movie, "Coco," was critically acclaimed. Her last album, self-titled "Lupita Infante," found success as an artistic expression of her musical upbringing, paying tribute to her grandfather Pedro Infante, and her father Pedro Infante Torrentera, with songs like “Cien Años” and “Padre Mío Amigo Mío”, accompanied by Mexico’s traditional mariachi sounds.  

Currently, Lupita is recording songs for her next album, which is expected to be released soon. 
About Ferias Legales
Ferias Legales (Spanish for “Legal Fairs”) was founded in May 2016 by a group of individuals who, though from different fields, nonetheless agreed that a void existed in the delivery of legal resources to underserved communities.

Ferias Legales Director Maria Torres, who holds a master’s degree in Psychology and worked in a legal non-profit for over 10 years, explained the beginning of Ferias Legales as “a combination of people from multiple disciplines with one goal in mind: To deliver services to the community.”
The services have centered on legal resources, though access to mental health services has been incorporated into its programming. Although the organization is relatively young, Torres chooses to focus on its accomplishments.

“Yes, we were established in May of 2016, but in that time we have delivered services to underserved communities from Lancaster in the outer reaches of L.A. County to deportees at the U.S.-Mexican Border," she said. "It is precisely because of the dedication of our Ferias Legales volunteers that we have assisted over 10,000 people.  We are extremely proud of that.”
Ferias Legales programming includes legal fairs, panels, workshops, clinics, expungement clinics, citizenship fairs, DACA Q&A sessions, and policy discussions.

Additionally, Ferias Legales recently launched a partnership with Rio Hondo College’s Pathway to Law School Program that includes a mentorship program that pairs judges and attorneys with students; an internship program that exposes students to various different areas of law; a Mock Trial team of volunteer attorneys who provide feedback to students; a Speaker Series that enables students to listen to the journeys of our guest speakers; and a Court Visitation Program where students visit courtrooms and observe real legal proceedings and speak with prosecutors, defense attorneys, court personnel, and judges (who invite the students to speak privately in their chambers).  

As a result of their partnership, Ferias Legales will be awarding its inaugural “Inspiring Diversity Award” to the Pathway to Law School Program. 
The holiday party is scheduled for Thursday from 6-10 p.m. at Mi Cielo Restaurant and Rooftop Lounge in Downey.  Tickets are available for purchase for $25 at the door.

For more information about Ferias Legales or the event, contact Ferias Legales Director Maria Torres at