Manatee Street parking

Dear Editor: I’m a resident of Downey. I’m located on Manatee Street directly behind PIH-Downey Hospital.

I have several concerns, the first being that hospital employees are discarding used exam gloves onto the street.

Second, we’re finding liquor bottles, fast food trash, and cigarette butts in the street.

Third, our parking situation. It’s a real problem, especially for the residents on Manatee St. Some of our neighbors are utilizing construction cones and trash cans to save parking. Some neighbors park their cars on the front lawn because the majority of hospital employees are parking on the street.

There is sufficient employee parking for them but they don’t want to walk, I assume. But it’s a real hassle for us residents because we don’t have anywhere else to park our cars. We’re not employees. They are. As residents, we’re tired.

Another thing, there are CO2 gas trucks being received in the middle of the night even though the hospital receiving dock clearly shows it’s closed from 12:-6 am.

Can you help us? The situation regarding parking is getting hostile.

Lorraine Herrera




Published: Dec. 4, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 34