Mary Graef and Lola Sanford celebrate their 90th birthday together

Two longtime BFFs recently celebrated their 90th birthdays together. Michigan native Mary Graef, left, and Lola Sanford, a Colorado native, both were born in December of 1924. Both married Navy World War II veterans in the 1940s and moved to Suva Street in Downey in the 1960s.

The two neighbors lived two doors from each other and had nine children, all of whom graduated from Gallatin, East (now Doty) and Downey High School.

“Everyone who knows Mary and/or Lola (or meets them for the first time) says they cannot believe they are 90,” said Pat Sanford. “They both look, act and feel great and look so young – it must be the Downey water!”

Mary and Lola are still active, playing bridge, doing yoga and taking exercise classes.



Published: Dec. 25, 2014 - Volume 13 - Issue 37