Masonic lodge opening for installation

installation of officers on Jan. 15 at 3 p.m. at the Downey Masonic Temple, located at the intersection of Downey Avenue and 3rd Street.The installation ceremony is open to the public. This year's presiding officer, known as the Worshipful Master, will be Sergio Martinez. He will be supported by the 400-plus members of the local lodge and 13 other elected and appointed officers. Scheduled to be sworn-in are: Carlos Castro, Sr. Warden; Howard Phillips, Jr. Warden; Charles R. Hutchinson, Treasurer; Glenn Blackwood, Secretary; Ray Prescott, Chaplain; Michael Yolton, Assistant Secretary; Bill Wood, Sr. Deacon; Muguel Montoya, Jr. Deacon; Szu-Yu Chang, Marsha; Robert Lara, Sr. Steward; Raj Champeneri, Jr. Steward; Jesus Cosio, Organist; and David McLintock, Tiler. The formation of the Downey United Masonic Lodge began in 1871 when the area was still known as Los Nietos (after a land grant of 1784); it has met at its current location since 1923 and in its current building since 1966. Downey United is the 11th largest of the 335 Masonic lodges in California, which have a combined total membership of 61,000. Membership in the fraternity is available to "all good men and true who may apply for the purpose and may be found worthy." For more information, call the lodge at (562) 862-4176.

********** Published: January 6, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 38