Meet Warren high's superfan, Jim Frumento

DOWNEY – Downey resident Jim Frumento is recognized by many as the well-known “Superfan” due to his appearance and encouragement at every Warren sports game. Any Warren High School student can attest that this man is one of the most - if not the most- passionate fans for all the athletics programs at the school.

He never fails to make a presence to boost the morale of the crowds by regularly tossing candy into the mass of sports fans and getting the crowd hyped up while additionally supporting the teams to no end. Yet, many wonder who he is and why his enthusiasm for Warren High is so intense.

Living in Downey his entire life, Frumento has known nothing else but this suburban town. He attended Maude Price Elementary and Griffith’s Middle School and was in the graduating class of 1976 at Warren High School. He is dedicated to his alma mater and proud to represent the Bears even today.

He first began attending the high school sports games around fifteen years ago and has not stopped since. He enjoys going to the games because he likes sports and likes supporting the students even more.

“If you’re not going to those games, you’re missing out! It’s great to go out and support those kids when they need it, and it’s such a blast to do,” commented Frumento.

Frumento began appearing due to his free time and wanting to re-live the good experiences from his high school days. During his time as a Warren student, the school’s football team had been on a winning streak for three consecutive years. Frumento recalls his best high school memory as the Downey vs. Warren football game his senior year where Warren resulted in a victory with the final score of 20-0.

Going to the games to encourage the athletes is so important to Frumento because he feels that if the teams have support, they can accomplish anything. He loves seeing Warren win; but even when they don’t, he is always there to pick the players back up and inspire the teams and the crowd not to give up hope.

In regard to Warren sports, Frumento has been through it all. He has seen the teams at their lowest when it seems as though there isn’t any chance of recovering, and he has also been by their side to see the teams reach victory and make it to the top. His passion for the students at Warren was made noticeable as Frumento began to tear up at the thought of how hard the athletes practice and strive for success.

“It’s tough to lose, but it’s the best thing to see those kids win. We are blessed to have coaches like Chris Morrison for basketball, Scott Pearson for Baseball, and Raul Lara for football. They help the kids so much, and through prayer- that’s really important- the teams are able to be as good as they are,” added Frumento.

Warren High School is happy to have such a devout fan supporting their athletes at every game. The teams, students, and faculty appreciate Frumento for always being the encouraging hand to pick them up when they fall or to congratulate them on their successes. Jim Frumento is definitely an example of how the phrase “Once a Bear, Always a Bear” rings true.

Valerie Aguilar is a student reporter at Warren High School.