Message of hate

Dear Editor:I am so thankful to the Democrats who just passed historic healthcare reform and I am thrilled it will help more than 32 million people get health insurance, including my son, who is a substitute teacher, and my niece, who is a full-time student and housewife. I have listened to Sarah Palin and the "tea party" activists who are trying to oust Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. I liked their message that everyone should get out and vote. That is what this country is about, being able to express our opinions in a peaceful and reasonable way. What I don't understand is when that message gets turned into a pass on being rude or worse, encouraging domestic terrorism - such as those "Christian" militia members just arrested who were planning to plant IEDs at a police officer's funeral in order to kill as many policemen as possible. How is it possible that we are attacking those who are here to protect and serve us? How does a political rally or talk show turn into a message of hatred against innocent people, especially by those who say they are Christians? - Anita Rivero, Downey

********** Published: April 2, 2010 - Volume 8 - Issue 50