Middle class issues

Dear Editor:After reading Lee Hamilton's op/ed in the Patriot, ("Is Money a Problem In Politics? Depends on Where You Sit," 5/10/12) I would like to voice my opinions. Money is not a problem; the love of money is the problem. Our healthcare premiums have just been raised again. Members of Congress, including Mr. Hamilton, don't have these problems. Their pockets are nicely lined and protected. The people they were elected to serve do not enjoy the same benefits. Big corporations have been running this country for about 50 years. Big oil, pharmaceuticals, banks and electronic corporations are just a few. Apple pays less than 10 percent in taxes and hides billions in other countries. The Enron criminal bankers have never been prosecuted although the laws exist. Lobbyists represent mostly big corporations for the sake of bigger profits. My middle class voice has no power. Being heard does not change anything. Mr. Hamilton might use some fancy words in his article and try to impress the stupid masses but in my blue collar opinion the whole Congress seems to be infected, the Supreme Court is removing God, President Obama has not shown his real birth certificate and the beat goes on. Mr. Hamilton truly wrote like a Congressman. Have a nice judgment day. Dieter Oltersdorf Downey

********** Published: May 17, 2012 - Volume 11 - Issue 05