Missing letters

Dear Editor:Turning to one of my favorite pages, "Letters to the Editor," I found this week (2/24/11) that 2/3 of the page was given to professionally written articles, such as the one about the county supervisor testifying in Washington about the next federal transportation bill ("Feds Turn Blind Eye to Local Voters, Knabe Says"). Where are the cranky letters about the city not filling potholes? Where are the reasoned articles by our own Downeyites about the greening of Downey, or the humorous suggestion about how to solve the problems of the falling rate of our volunteer army and the depletion of social security funds? The grateful writer putting a spotlight on a case of local heroism? The ongoing letter debates between concerned citizens, the crack-pots, the historians? The ombudsmen bringing up questions which may make the City Council uncomfortable? This is the second week in a row that canned articles have taken over our Letters to the Editor page. I hope this is not a trend. If the Patriot wants to have an Op Ed page, or a report on our government representatives from county to state to federal, fine. Do it. But don't cut into our own Downey doings, as reflected in these letters. We have already lost our Poet's Corner, which made the Patriot a classy cut above other local weekly newspapers. Please keep a full page open for our citizens to vent their feelings. This page is part of what makes Downey Downey. -- Lorine Parks, South Gate

Editor's note:‚ÄàLetters to the Editor continue to receive the highest priority in the Editorial page. On occassion letters cannot be published due to questionable content, but otherwise this page is reserved specifically for residents to voice their opinions.

********** Published: March 3, 2011 - Volume 9 - Issue 46