Moonscape roads

Dear Editor:I found it to be very amusing that Mayor Marquez is proposing to have picnics for the often overlooked Downey community on the east side of town. ("Marquez Hopes to Reach out to Downey's Forsaken Fringes," 5/19/11) Although this may be a very noble effort on behalf of the mayor, I do not believe that would be a good use of city funds. It would seem to me that if the city really wanted to help out that part of the community, it would focus its attention on improving the infrastructure in that part of town. Has Mayor Marquez even driven down the streets between the interchange of the 5 and 605 freeways? The streets surrounding these freeways are absolutely horrible, specifically the intersection of Studebaker Road and Florence Avenue. For too long these streets have been neglected and are in dire need of repaving. The portion of Studebaker from the off-ramp of the 605 Freeway northbound to Florence Avenue (site of the former Cadillac dealer and Sam's Club) resembles that of a moonscape. As a veteran I can tell you that I have ridden in military vehicles in foreign countries that have less treacherous roads. This is not something new. This has been a problem for many years - at least 12 years that I can remember. It would seem to me that since the mayor has money to spend to reach out to more voters, that this would be higher on the priority list than shaking a few hands, kissing a few babies and photo ops. If the mayor and this City Council are serious about our fair city, then maybe they should consider taking care of the issue that already exists before spending more money on community picnics for what is obviously a play at more votes and future political gains. -- Moises Alonso, Downey

********** Published: June 16, 2011 - Volume 10 - Issue 9